Airdance: Cloud Nine CD cover

Airdance – Cloud Nine

Contra dances throughout the country are experiencing an influx of young dancers who are drawn to the energy and sociability of the dances. They are sophisticated consumers of music and they are the new generation of “Air-dancers” who love both to dance and appreciate the complexity and spontaneity of this music. As one fan said recently, “This is dance nirvana!” Cloud Nine, indeed.

Rodney Miller – fiddle
Mary Cay Brass – piano, accordion
Stuart Kenney – upright bass, banjo
David Surette – guitar, mandolin, bouzouki
Marko Packard – flute
Sam Zucchini – percussion

Audio Clips

Cloud Nine / Broken Heart / Cloud Nine

MacArthur Road / Gravel Walk / Shirley’s Reel

Rogue Wave

Hull’s Reel