A beautiful 3 part girl’s song from the village of Ražanac on Dalmatian coast of Croatia. This song has a beautiful circle dance that accompanies it.

O, Ražanac, beautiful proud village! Everyone always lives well there! In the middle of the village there is a well with cool waters. There gather the rosy-cheeked girls of the village.


A short two part village wedding song from the region of Slavonija in Croatia. The song is typically sung with joking, improvised verses made up by anyone at the wedding.

Oh how I love to go to a wedding – where my dear lamb is – where my sweetheart calls me.
All the guests are adorned with wine.
Our daughter-in-law will have a son within a year and she doesn’t even know the “our Father”. Sweetheart, you are a fool!  He’s joking and you want to get married.

Da je višnja

A sweet 2-part love song I collected in the Croatian community in southern Hungary.
I hear that someone from England has choreographed a circle dance to this recording!
On this recording it is accompanied by tamburicas, but can be sung a cappella as well.

If sour cherries were like sweet ones, I would be the most beautiful.
But, sour cherries are sour, my sweet fawn, where are you?
I’d like to see you but don’t let anyone know.
Two apples and three quince are going bad in the cupboard,
They are going bad while waiting for you sweetheart.

Moj nevene

A short two-part love song from Bosnia sung by unmarried girls. The song moves from unison to thirds to major seconds throughout. Very fun to sing. A song from a time when young brides left their families and moved in with the family of the groom which could have many challenges.

My marigold, who is picking you? If I were still a young girl I would pick you.
But I’m getting ready to go to another’s home and call another person “father”.
Other father, be good!  While I must forget my own father.

Evo dojde

A short, two part, love song, sung by unmarried girls in Bosnia. The song moves from thirds to major seconds-very fun to sing in a stridant open voice, meant to be sung outdoors.

Here I come singing to my happy home. Vrnograd, my dear village!
Maybe I’ll marry this one, or that one over there!