Što imala ksmet

A Macedonian folk song in the melody/drone tradition learned at our Village Harmony Macedonia camp in 2011. Expanded into three part harmony – two of the voices provide drone accompaniment. Can be easily done a cappella and instrumental accompaniment works well, too. Comes with pronunciation guide

Stamena’s mother is lying sick in bed. She asks Stamena to go to the well for cool water.
She  knows she will see her sweetheart at the well.

Dosta dosta

A beautiful Macedonian love song in a7/8 rhythm arranged for three part harmony. Easily sung either a cappella or with the accompaniment of instruments. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Enough, beautiful Stojne. You work as a servant pleasing everyone.
But, come away with me
and marry me. I care so much for you.
I cannot do that, silly boy.
I am poor and grew up an orphan with no mother or father.

Se Zapali

A beautiful, soulful love song in 7/8 rhythm from Macedonia as learned at a Village Harmony camp there. Best with instrumental accompaniment (instrumental breaks included on score). Comes with pronunciation guide.

The little house burned down, dear Pile. I’m not sorry about the house but I am sorry about the safe. In it were all the documents. And, all the notebooks with the list of the most beautiful girls in the village!

Svi Dilberi

A lively, playful love song from the Bosnian “sevdalinka” tradition arranged in three part harmony. Can easily be sung a cappella and also works well with accompaniment. Comes with pronunciation guide.

All the bachelors are here except mine. Either he is sick or he is flirting with another. I would rather that he is sick than to hear that he is flirting with another.

Belo lice

A fun love song from Macedonia. Can be sung a cappella or with the accompaniment of accordion, or chordal instruments. It’s a sort of “zipper song” where only a couple of words change in each verse making it easy and accessible to learn. Comes with pronunciation guide.

I love the fair face, dark eyes, and honey lips of my sweetheart. I look and I love, but it’s no use.
You dark-haired unfaithful one!