Dosta dosta

A beautiful Macedonian love song in a7/8 rhythm arranged for three part harmony. Easily sung either a cappella or with the accompaniment of instruments. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Enough, beautiful Stojne. You work as a servant pleasing everyone.
But, come away with me
and marry me. I care so much for you.
I cannot do that, silly boy.
I am poor and grew up an orphan with no mother or father.

Svi Dilberi

A lively, playful love song from the Bosnian “sevdalinka” tradition arranged in three part harmony. Can easily be sung a cappella and also works well with accompaniment. Comes with pronunciation guide.

All the bachelors are here except mine. Either he is sick or he is flirting with another. I would rather that he is sick than to hear that he is flirting with another.

Belo lice

A fun love song from Macedonia. Can be sung a cappella or with the accompaniment of accordion, or chordal instruments. It’s a sort of “zipper song” where only a couple of words change in each verse making it easy and accessible to learn. Comes with pronunciation guide.

I love the fair face, dark eyes, and honey lips of my sweetheart. I look and I love, but it’s no use.
You dark-haired unfaithful one!