Moj nevene

A short two-part love song from Bosnia sung by unmarried girls. The song moves from unison to thirds to major seconds throughout. Very fun to sing. A song from a time when young brides left their families and moved in with the family of the groom which could have many challenges.

My marigold, who is picking you? If I were still a young girl I would pick you.
But I’m getting ready to go to another’s home and call another person “father”.
Other father, be good!  While I must forget my own father.

Evo dojde

A short, two part, love song, sung by unmarried girls in Bosnia. The song moves from thirds to major seconds-very fun to sing in a stridant open voice, meant to be sung outdoors.

Here I come singing to my happy home. Vrnograd, my dear village!
Maybe I’ll marry this one, or that one over there!