Vihor ruzu

A sad song with an upbeat tempo from the Bosnian sevdalinka tradition arranged in two voices to be sung by either same gender or mixed voices. Sevdalinka are love songs from an urban Muslim tradition that developed during the long Ottoman occupation of Bosnia.  Unaccompanied or with light accompaniment.

The wind blew across a field, under a tent where Mujo lay recovering from his wounds.
Seven wounds from seven friends, the eighth wound, his sweetheart was marrying another.
From all the wounds I could heal except the eighth. From that one, I can never heal.

Svi Dilberi

A lively, playful love song from the Bosnian “sevdalinka” tradition arranged in three part harmony. Can easily be sung a cappella and also works well with accompaniment. Comes with pronunciation guide.

All the bachelors are here except mine. Either he is sick or he is flirting with another. I would rather that he is sick than to hear that he is flirting with another.


A hauntingly beautiful song from the urban muslim “sevdalinka” tradition of Bosnia in 2 part harmony for same or mixed voices. Can be sung unaccompanied and also nice with instruments: guitar, accordion, fiddle, winds, dubek all work well. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Oh carnation, my flower, and your many seeds. I plant you underneath the window of my sweetheart so when he lies down to sleep he will smell your beautiful fragrance.