Planino Pirin

A slow, soulful folksong from the Bulgarian part of Macedonia called Pirin learned at our Village Harmony Macedonia camp in 2011. Easy, rich harmonies with a repeating refrain, making the song accessible. Can be sung a cappella or with instruments. Comes with pronunciation guide.

O Pirin Mountain, how beautiful you are! In winter, full of snow.
In summer, many heros near every water, the leaders with rifles.
(A song from the time of the long Ottoman occupation)

Oj Dobriću

A slow, quiet SATB song from the Dalmatian coast “klapa” tradition of Croatia. Rich, easy and intuitive harmonies make for a deeply satisfying and accessible song for mixed voices. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Oh, River Dobrić, your cool waters flow to three towns. You have deep wells of cool water.
There gather the young boys and girls from Šibenik town.

Ajde Jano

A lively dance/song from Serbia in 7/8 rhythm arranged for SATB voices by Mary Cay Brass. Can be sung a cappella or with chordal accompaniment. The instrumental break can be played
by any melody instruments, but typically by accordion, fiddle, clarinet. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Let’s go Jana and dance the kolo. Let’s sell our horse so we can keep dancing. Let’s sell our house so we can keep dancing.

Ako si legla spat

A beautiful, slow, SATB klapa song from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. We use this song often in Hallowell, our local hospice choir. It has a calming, soothing sound with rich harmonies which are deeply satisfying and easy to sing. Comes with pronunciation guide.

When you lie down to sleep good night to you. Angels of paradise will watch over you.