A lively dance/song from Serbia in two part harmony for same gender or mixed voices.
Can be sung a cappella, but works well with accompaniment as well.

Let’s dance the kolo, everyone loves it.
It moves so freely and easily, everyone can do it!

You can hear the girls shouting, “Opsa”.
The boys won’t be outdone, they want to dance faster, more together and better, until dawn.
Boys, girls, everyone dance the kolo, wind it around.
The instruments are playing and everyone is happy!

Ajde Jano

A lively dance/song from Serbia in 7/8 rhythm arranged for SATB voices by Mary Cay Brass. Can be sung a cappella or with chordal accompaniment. The instrumental break can be played
by any melody instruments, but typically by accordion, fiddle, clarinet. Comes with pronunciation guide.

Let’s go Jana and dance the kolo. Let’s sell our horse so we can keep dancing. Let’s sell our house so we can keep dancing.