Full Swing CD cover

Susan Kevra’s Full Swing

A frosty October moon shines over Pierce’s Hall in Putney, Vermont. It is Saturday night. The contra dancers are in full swing. Some of the best contra musicians in the Green Mountain area are playing. That great music is here, in “dance length” cuts. Hold your own barn dance or kitchen junket to the sounds of jigs and reels, Irish, Quebecois and Cape Breton tunes. You will also find “chestnuts,” enduring tunes first popular when America was young. Square dance tunes, both New England and Southern style, are on the recording. Internationally known Vermont caller, Susan Kevra, calls the dance figures on several cuts and has written a complete caller and dancer instruction booklet, which is included with the CD. A diverse sampling of contra tunes is offered here, played with high spirits and superb musicianship.

Susan Kevra – Caller
Mary Cay Brass – Piano
Sara Blair – Fiddle
Mary Lea – Fiddle
Becky Tracy – Fiddle
Stuart Kenney – Upright Bass